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nick marble, artist

thanks for visiting the gallery!  i'm an artist living in beautiful Oakland, CA with my wife, daughter and crazy dog (german shorthair).  originally from Washington, DC, i come from a creative family that loved to travel and took me around the world at an early age.  my mom was a fantastic interior designer and my grandmother an accomplished painter.  for me, drawing, painting, creating and designing is a way of life.  it all began as a five year-old with no choice but to "attend" art classes with my grandmother and her best friend!  after high school, i studied art and fashion design at the Parsons School of Design in NYC before being "scared straight" out of art school and into business studies and law school at Howard University and UCLA's School of Law.

as an artist, i am inspired by natural beauty, balance, the human form, simplicity and smart, clean design.  as you will notice, the subjects of my art vary widely.  the common denominator through all of the work being my attempt to capture an angle or perspective of something aesthetically interesting.


the series, ballerinas, is an exploration of physical strength, balance and flow in harmony with the massive power and infinite beauty of an ever changing, ever exploding California sky.

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